Watching her soar so high, the Incas called the Andean Condor Apu Kunter, "the Carrier of prayers to the Gods."

Our beloved Angels are messengers of God, when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary with great, (if somewhat startling), news! As we read in Chapter One of Luke’s Gospel, (Luke 1:26-38) God wished Mary, truly a model of humility, to be the mother of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ!
You will obtain an infinite amount of miracles from Mary and her Angels, if you pray the Angelus 3 times a day, at 6 am, noon, and at 6 pm.
Remember Mother Mary is the queen of Angels


Spiritual Health

Testimonials to Maribel’s Spiritual Health Work

"Maribel has such a pure soul, I felt encouraged me to pour my heart out to her. The depth of my emotional pain surprised me; I knew I was hurting, yet hadn't realized how badly off I was. As we worked, I could feel it all lifting away. Maribel offered great insights and guided me to make powerful discoveries for myself, right in the session. She also gave me several practical steps I could do at home to continue working with the angels. Since our session, I've done the work she recommended and I feel better and lighter every day. I highly recommend working with Maribel de los Angeles - she truly is of the Angels!" --- Moira Shepard, Santa Monica, CA

"I have been on my path for over 30 years and have seen dozens of spiritual counselors and readers, but the first Angel reading I had with Maribel was one of the most powerful. In the middle of the night, after our reading, I was awakened by Angels who guided me to write very powerful, important messages for my spiritual work." --- David Spetner, A Course in Miracles Instructor @ The GATEWAY Portal, Los Angeles, CA

"Maribel is awesome!I am so appreciative. She helped me so much in one session. Thank you so much Maribel." J.F.

"My Reiki training with Maribel de los Angeles was magnificent. She is very gifted and has many amazing spirit guides working with her. She has helped me continue on my path of personal and spiritual growth and I am very grateful that we were able to connect through such positive and loving vibrations.

I was very satisfied with the full training, Reiki I, II, III and master. I felt our sessions were very productive and informative. I appreciate Maribel followed the guidance she was given to offer this class at a reduced price and to continue with the one on one class. I will forever be able to share my light, love and gifts of reiki with everyone to make my work very powerful. Thanks to Maribel.

I recommend Maribel 100 percent and I look forward to continue working with her in the future." Amanda R.

Welcome to Angels of Miracles!

Your Angels want to have a solid, loving relationship with you.

They want to work with you as a team to help you accomplish all your goals, your dreams, and any small or big project, or job you have.

The parent Angels are eager to help you as parents to be the best you can be and to bless your child/children every day!

The Angels’ help is infinite and FREE! All you need to do is to ASK, and when you receive your miracle, your blessings, just be grateful. You will become an example for others of what it is to have the Angels on your side, as your team, loyal, ready to help you, to bless you exceedingly, abundantly! The more you ask, the more you will receive. Remember the more we have and know, the more we can help others as well.

Evolution is the reason we are here: to develop and grow, to transcend our feelings of fear and lack and to find our way back to love. For detailed information of the services that I offer, please click "Services" in the menu above.

444,000 Angels are surrounding you right now, to bless you with infinite Joy, Peace, Love, and true happiness today and always!

Maribel de los Angeles